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Feb 6, 2013 12:30pm PST
to the mayor's budget director. >> thank you, supervisor, through the chair, kate howard, mayor's budget director. that is quite a set of questions you have asked, but i think all onpoint. when the city decides to move forward with a supplemental in the middle of a year, that discretionary, as this is. it has to be such an important priority that we have to do the front loading that you described and for that reason the mayor is very supportive and the da and the department on the status of women need these services out and out in the community as soon as possible. in terms of what it means. >> you are making a commitment for the next year as well that the mayor will be approving these positions in his budget? that is going to be submitted, that will have increased staffing for the department of status of women and for the d.a.'s office? >> in terms of what i would expect for next year, i would expect to see these positions included in the mayor's budget submission going forward. when you move forward a supplemental in the middle of the year, it does have annual consequences. that doe
Feb 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
our mayor's budget director kate howard who in addition to helping to balance multi-billion dollar budgets every year, she will tell you about our plans around our chief data officer. thank you so much for being here. (applause) >> good morning, everyone. i'm kate howard. i'm the mayor's budget director. i'm here to just to talk briefly about the really exciting opportunity that i think is going to be coming up in the city, which is announcement of our new chief data officer. some people may think that the budget office is mostly being countered, but really our office is focused on how do we make government more efficient, how do we make it more effective, and how do we use information to make better decisions. and i think that's why the mayor has asked that the chief data officer sit in my office. so that they have access to financial information as well as a team of people who are already inclined to work on analytical problems. so, as the mayor and board president chiu indicated we'll be hiring a chief data officer looking for the best and brightest people. so, if you know of pe
Feb 6, 2013 1:30pm PST
of light on this issue? >> supervisor, kate howard, through the chair. generally, what you have described is correct. there were a number of grants that the district attorney used over the last several years to support victim services among other services that they provided. in last year's budget the general fund did come behind and support the continuation of those services. >> do you have a perspective on that? >> our way of looking at it when grant funds go away, it's discretionary and part of the board of supervisors whether they want to back fill the position with general fund monies. that we consider this to be an increase in general fund cost to the department that otherwise those positions would have terminated, which is the case with grant-funded positions. and so we thought that -- we
Feb 13, 2013 1:00pm PST
'll be happy to answer it now, supervisor. kate howard. so, the $38 million reflected in the controller's six-month report essentially is good news to the city's deficit number. the way that i would interpret it is that as we did last year, we've spread our fund balance over two years. so, this would bring down the overall deficit by about $19 million in each year. that's offset l, however, by the supplementals that we talked about. so, a little to the good here about $19 million each year, a little to the bad, $8 million to the bad on supplementals that we talked about so far. so, i would say it's modest good news in each year. >> thank you. >> and to be clear, ms. howard, the supplementals we've discussed thus far, not others that may come down the pike this year? >> that's correct. >> and we have assumed in our projection of 38 million that you will need the general re serve because of the various deficits that we have and the number of departments that i'll go over with you in just a moment. okay, so both property taxes and realignment taxes coming in from the state are -- both are projec
Feb 27, 2013 5:00am PST
for being here, our city administrator for being he, kate howard from the budget office and doing such a wonderful job and stepping in and being here, too. i want to thank you all. and harvey, now i have to turn roles and be a little bit afraid of you. [laughter] >> but i do want to thank everybody for being here and being so supportive. it really humbles me that you are here, you've taken the time to be here to have the confidence to support me in this new adventure. to the mayor, i want to thank you. it's been really my honor, it's been my privilege to serve the people of district 4, to serve san francisco residents. and i take a look at this new opportunity and this new responsibility and really feel honored and privileged to be able to lead this new department as well. to all the finance folks who are here, my heart, my heart beat, of course to the controller's office, to the mayor's budget office, to harvey rose, to all the folks who are -- and the treasurer who i know couldn't be here today, but is sending his greetings from d.c., i really look forward to working with you. i
Feb 13, 2013 12:00pm PST
mayor's office of budget. >> good afternoon, supervisors, kate howard, [speaker not understood]. i'm here before you to approve an event over the supplemental that's before you appropriating fund from our state revenue lost reserve to a variety of programs that were reduced in the governor's budget last year. i also have with me staff from the human services agency, the department of aging adult services, juvenile probation, the department of public health, and the arts commission in the event that there are specific questions about any of the appropriations. as you will remember, last year the governor's budget proposed and it was adopted by the legislature a number of reductions in both local revenues and direct cuts to services that affect the city of san francisco. in anticipation of those cuts, the city appropriated $15 million pending final approval of the budget and so those funds are set aside in the event of state cuts. we are recommending in the supplemental the approval of appropriation and $6.6 million from the state reserve fund. the item before you originally requeste
Feb 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
to knock them around from one side of the chamber to the other? joining us now howard feinman and kate overshane. kate centerist? >> i think we are going to see hyper partisan but i think he is going to ratchet it up a couple of notches. i think they are going to say they will take food out of the moumgs of babies. it will be the same republicans hate the middle class. >> with a 1.5% economy. what good does it do to get nothing done and have the economy go back to a recession. >> they didn't get as much done as they had wanted to the first time around. in their view they were being too reasonable. now they are saying no more mr. nice guy. we will want them done on our terms. the way we can get these republicans to go along is speak heing in terms in which he sounds reasonable in the way a mafia don soupd sounds reasonab. >> he doesn't have the votes to put that through. but that is the way he is going to behave. >> if he acts like the god father, i don't see they are going to turn against him and his polls are already down and he might lose the 2014 elections in the house. >> he is tur
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
. here now howard dean and kate bailey hutchinson. is president obama worming out of this snink he's saying i want a third of the spending cuts and then i want to make it all up with tax revenues. did i hear that right or is there something else going on here? >> you heard it right. he said more tax increases and, you know, you come up with those budget cuts and i'll look at it. really, larry, it is just not moving at all. this is a time when the president should be sitting down every single day with the leaders of congress and saying where can we come together. but the republicans have got to take a stand and say no at shom point and every time they try to, it's the sky's falling, media and everyone saying we have to do something on sequester or the sky will fall. we have to do something on the debt ceiling or the sky will fall. we have to do something on the continuing resolution or government will shut down and the sky will fall. where do you draw the line? we have a $16 trillion debt in this country. we've got to take a stand. >> howard dean, let me go to you on this because ac
Feb 17, 2013 9:00am PST
of the cover, featuring model kate upton not even wearing a bikini top. must have been a disappointment for "si" that sells more than a million copies of the issue, but, hey, also more free publicity. i'm howard kurtz. if you missed our program, check us out on itunes every monday. just search for reliable sources. we're back here next sunday morning for another critical look at the media. "state of the union" with candy crowley begins right now. >>> have bully pulpit, will travel. today from decatur to asheville and chicago, the president pushes gun control, a higher minimum wage and universal preschool. >> and that whole plan, well, others by the way, is a trade we could use more often in washington. >> a conversation with senator chuck schumer on the president's wish list and senate reality. what and when can the senate deliver? >> and, drawing the line. >> read my lips. i'm not interested in an 11th hour negotiation. >> republicans dig in from budget cuts to some of the president's nominees. we'll talk with a member of the republican leadership team, senator john barrasso from wyoming, and
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)